Everyone’s entitled one good scare!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!! This is the day that the whole year leads up to. I've been waiting and celebrating the season for months! Now that today is finally here, we get to enjoy the spooky vibes one last time before kicking the Christmas season into high gear! Bring on the snow and lights! To celebrate, … Continue reading Everyone’s entitled one good scare!


Workout Wednesday | Fitness Update

I'm working out everyday, here in London. I still lift weights like never before. I'm getting stronger everyday. However. I registered for the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon on April 14th! This means that I've had to slowly build up my weekly mileage and get back into running. Before last week, I hadn't actually gone for … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | Fitness Update

Workout Wednesday | September 12th – October 2nd

It's been a wild ride these past couple weeks. I'm currently in a completely different and new position in the world and in life. Honestly, working out has been keeping me calmer and less stressed out. Carving out time to break a sweat is a fun problem to solve and a calming presence. Happy Halloween, … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | September 12th – October 2nd

Workout Wednesday | September 5th – 11th

I started a new set of workouts this week, my last one before making the big transition coming up in a couple weeks. I've been trying to up my intensity constantly by doing one-armed moves sometimes and both arms other times or really focusing on one muscle for one workout and full-body for another one. … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | September 5th – 11th

Workout Wednesday | August 29th – September 4th

Having fun with it; need to start a new cycle; worried about finding a gym in a new city/losing progress. Wednesday, August 29th 30 min HIIT arc trainer 1Arm DB chest press 4x8 | Heavy hammer bicep curls 4x6 | Tricep 90 degree elbow press 4x10 Tricep push up 4x6 | Overhead negative press 4x10 | … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | August 29th – September 4th

Workout Wednesday: August 15th – 21st

I've been really enjoying this round of workouts, and it's interesting to see how my body gets used to them so quickly. It's imperative to change it up all the time. I guess soreness isn't the only sign of progress, but feeling sore tends to make me feel like I'm going above and beyond. Wednesday, … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: August 15th – 21st

(Double!) Workout Wednesday: July 25th – August 7th

I wish I didn't have to wear a shirt at Planet Fitness. I actually don't know if I'm allowed to not wear one, but I'd rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I also had to take it way easy on the yoga vids because I bruised my hip and it's causing some major hip … Continue reading (Double!) Workout Wednesday: July 25th – August 7th

Workout Wednesday: July 18th – 24th

This was a big week for changing my strength training plan. I was excited to develop a new plan from my own history with weight lifting and all of the videos I've been watching on YouTube and Instagram. I tried to consistently continue the yoga and stretching, and I did miss one day. Missing one … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: July 18th – 24th