Jersey, Channel Islands | Island Break

While I'm very familiar with New Jersey, I only discovered the original Jersey a few months ago from a favorite fitness instagrammer. It looked beautiful even without sunshine, so I metaphorically added it to a list of potential travel destinations. At the last minute, I realized I had a few days off in a row … Continue reading Jersey, Channel Islands | Island Break

2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris |Mon Premier Marathon

In the wake of my collegiate competitive athletic career, I knew that running a marathon was something I wanted to accomplish once I had the time to devote to training. I took the opportunity of living in London to set the plan into action. I signed up for one of the many close-by marathons, knowing … Continue reading 2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris |Mon Premier Marathon

The Grand Budapest Hostel

In the British university system, there is a "reading week" each term. It's like spring break, but it's cold and students are expected to do work. I had to go somewhere, even though I was working part of the week. I had three days and some change to spend somewhere nice. After exploring prices, airlines, … Continue reading The Grand Budapest Hostel

What I Learned | Cross-country Road Trip

Although I saw a lot of beauty and natural wonder, my month-long road trip was very stressful. With a lot of time to reflect, I realized how much I take for granted every single day. I knew that showering would be a challenge, but I didn't anticipate how uncomfortable I would feel. Well, the problem … Continue reading What I Learned | Cross-country Road Trip

Memory Lane | Myrtle Beach

Back in the days of my early childhood, my mother and I went on an annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because she knew it to be a family-friendly beach spot. She found the Coral Beach Resort and booked us a week almost every year until high school with an ocean-view room. As a … Continue reading Memory Lane | Myrtle Beach