Day in the Life | LSE Edition

Lent Term Tuesdays are the busiest days I've had since high school. My days are so long, it's feels like a whole week has gone by at the end of it. I tend to think of this as my Thursday because most of the week is over by the end of it! 6am - wake up … Continue reading Day in the Life | LSE Edition

Last Semester Bucket List

I have had those moments in which I look up at all of Smith's buildings (even the large construction zone around Neilson), and I feel so lucky to have been a part of the campus for my four years. It went by so much faster than I could ever have imagined, but here I am: … Continue reading Last Semester Bucket List

Seeing a favorite band – FOR FREE

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as a huge school, hosts concerts each semester. I was shown an advertisement to their Fall 2017 concert, and they were hosting the Mowgli's! Though poorly, very poorly advertised, I was thrilled to attend this free concert. Though I'm at UMass quite often, I did not see a single ad … Continue reading Seeing a favorite band – FOR FREE