Memory Lane | Myrtle Beach

Back in the days of my early childhood, my mother and I went on an annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because she knew it to be a family-friendly beach spot. She found the Coral Beach Resort and booked us a week almost every year until high school with an ocean-view room. As a … Continue reading Memory Lane | Myrtle Beach

Road Trip | In Summary

States: 23 Miles: 10,000 Days: 28 Hours of driving: 150 National Parks: 11 Taco Bells visited: 12 Nights spent in the car: 10 This trip was exhausting, exhilarating, exciting, and downright terrifying. However, it was most definitely not expensive. If this is something you're interested in doing - DO IT. As long as you have the … Continue reading Road Trip | In Summary

Cape Cod | Vacationland

Once I hit the deep end with this whole drag stuff, I pretty much sealed the fate of having to see some queens live-in-show. Bendelacreme announced a month-long run of Infernoagogo in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I thought back to a time when a friend told me about how gay P-Town is and how close he lives. … Continue reading Cape Cod | Vacationland

Seattle | Home of Starbucks and Jinkx Monsoon

After a quick couple days driving up the West Coast, we arrived in Seattle. We spent the night in North Seattle before heading into the city the next morning. We took the train into Westlake early-ish and walked to Pike Place Market. We walked through the market and saw the OG Starbucks. The line was … Continue reading Seattle | Home of Starbucks and Jinkx Monsoon

Summiting Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

Ever since I learned of the permit system for climbing up the cables on Half Dome, I've wanted to do it. Admittedly, it was only about a year ago, but still. I knew Yosemite would be on my road trip's must-see list this year. I applied for a range of dates to let that dictate … Continue reading Summiting Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

My Death Valley Reunion

The morning after our Whitney attempt, we immediately hit the road for the scorching hot temperatures of my beloved valley. We checked out (most of) Father John Crawley Vista on the way in. I've done that drive many times before, but it offer so many great views. The Panamint dunes are hanging out there in … Continue reading My Death Valley Reunion

Redwood National Park | Rocky Coasts and Tall Trees

After getting a late start leaving Oakland, we began the long trek to the Redwoods. We intended to hit up the coastal National Park section of the parks and got there at around dinner time. We rushed to buy our souvenir magnets, then hit up the beach briefly. It was cool and breezy, but the … Continue reading Redwood National Park | Rocky Coasts and Tall Trees