How to navigate the intricacies of souvenir-shopping

With my recent move toward minimalism, I've realized how many souvenir shops are filled with worthless garbage. Even if they're "Buy 8 for $20," shirts with the name of the place you visited are made of the same itchy cotton you get with free t-shirts. And is it really necessary to have a shirt from … Continue reading How to navigate the intricacies of souvenir-shopping

WALK THE MOON @ The Fillmore

Talking is Hard was the album of the end of my first year at Smith, so I have have very happy associations with the music. Even after the semester ended, I fondly recall running every morning of a Disney World trip to "Portugal" and "Avalanche" (and Blurryface which seems like lifetimes ago). Just a few … Continue reading WALK THE MOON @ The Fillmore

Norway and the story of a really, really cheap flight

It's the beginning of September, and classes haven't even started yet. I'm messing around on Facebook and scroll past an ad for Norwegian airlines. I click and pretend to plan a trip for the few breaks I have during the Fall semester. The cheapest thing I could find is something like a 3-day trip to … Continue reading Norway and the story of a really, really cheap flight

It’s the Holiday Season!

I really love celebrating my two favorite seasons: Halloween and Christmastime. I also love to start early. I love those memes joking about how it's "almost Halloween" in March, but in an entirely genuine way. As summer goes from a pleasant change of pace to an annoyingly sweaty season, I begin my Halloween preparations. Spiderwebs … Continue reading It’s the Holiday Season!

Restaurants and how they’ve offended me

A restaurant, in this day and age, at the very least is listed on Google. More likely than not, it also has a website or Facebook page with its hours listed and a handful of reviews. Many even have online menus handy. We live in a progressive world. Unfortunately, technical advancements cannot prevent the incapabilities … Continue reading Restaurants and how they’ve offended me

My First Time (Running a Half Marathon)

A small Everest: the 1st Annual Cambridge Half Marathon Cambridge, MA Approaching the training for my first half marathon was tricky. I was in season which meant that I had 6-8 workouts a week that were dictated for me, and any kind of distance running would be completely auxiliary to my current training plan. While … Continue reading My First Time (Running a Half Marathon)

Labor Day Weekend in Bar Harbor

I first visited Acadia National Park last October for one day, but it was not nearly enough time. It was a rainy, windy autumn day, and I didn't get to see the ocean side of the park at all. An extended trip to Acadia was very necessary. Having a free weekend after I moved into … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend in Bar Harbor

Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays

I had very few expectations for my host families. Having never had that kind of experience sent me into a whirlwind of confusion. Before arriving in Tokyo, the concept of host families alone was worrisome, but I soon realized how much of a complication the language barrier would be. Upon meeting my first host family, … Continue reading Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays