My First Mount Whitney Attempt

After climbing Mount Fuji last year, I was interested in similarly-leveled day hikes in North America. I discovered that Mount Whitney (located near Lone Pine, California) is the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. This seemed like the perfect challenge to take on. Because I was battling with uncertain road trip dates, juggling another … Continue reading My First Mount Whitney Attempt

Saguaro National Park: the biggest disappointment is its pronunciation

In my family, we really like the cactus in its many forms. I have basically a whole nursery of succulents, and I enjoy checking out their larger cousins. It's a plus that cacti grow in desert climates, a climate I love. In my travels last year, I saw many different kinds of cacti, but not … Continue reading Saguaro National Park: the biggest disappointment is its pronunciation

Kentucky: the Land of Lincoln?

The first day of our trip was filled with driving. We drove through much of Pennsylvania and all of West Virginia. Our only recreational stop was Charleston, WV to see the State Capitol. This will sound so insignificant to so many, but we saw a black squirrel which has somehow turned into a highlight of … Continue reading Kentucky: the Land of Lincoln?

My First Time Witnessing the Magic of Yosemite

I made the somewhat last-minute decision to hit up Yosemite the day after I did my drive-through of Sequoia and King's Canyon. The GPS was giving me conflicting advice about how long the drive would take from my Airbnb in Fresno. I got on the road as the sun was coming up, trying to beat … Continue reading My First Time Witnessing the Magic of Yosemite

Road Trip: Announcement and Playlist

I would say that I'm close to halfway done with my post-graduation, month-ish-long road trip. I spent today in LA and have a few more days in Cali before continuing North and East. I wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for the tunes that accompany me on the endless miles of a cross-country … Continue reading Road Trip: Announcement and Playlist

Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks: Big Trees and Long Drives

My first big outing after arriving in Death Valley was a weekend trip the Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. I took off early in the morning while the desert temperatures were still mild and started on CA190. At first, the seemingly-endless desert scared me. I had no service, little water, and had no idea … Continue reading Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks: Big Trees and Long Drives

Being Green On the Road

The exciting news is that I’m currently in Colorado on a long road trip! The less exciting news is that Greg and I are trying to be budget-friendly and eco-friendly. In terms of saving money, we are attempting to do the whole trip with only staying at free campsites and at friends’ houses along the … Continue reading Being Green On the Road

Senior Week in Acadia National Park

My three best friends (and senior roommates) and I decided to have one last hoorah in Acadia National Park during Senior Week. We made the 6-hour road trip with a stop in Freeport for ice cream and a boot before arriving in Blackwoods Campground. We had two nights, but barely two days and wanted to … Continue reading Senior Week in Acadia National Park