Jersey, Channel Islands | Island Break

While I'm very familiar with New Jersey, I only discovered the original Jersey a few months ago from a favorite fitness instagrammer. It looked beautiful even without sunshine, so I metaphorically added it to a list of potential travel destinations. At the last minute, I realized I had a few days off in a row … Continue reading Jersey, Channel Islands | Island Break

2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris |Mon Premier Marathon

In the wake of my collegiate competitive athletic career, I knew that running a marathon was something I wanted to accomplish once I had the time to devote to training. I took the opportunity of living in London to set the plan into action. I signed up for one of the many close-by marathons, knowing … Continue reading 2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris |Mon Premier Marathon

lululemon leggings review | align, wunder under, fast and free, train times

train times My first lululemon bottoms were a pair of train times shorts. I've almost exclusively worn mid-length spandex shorts to work out for the last few years, but my Under Armour ones have zero compression, and my pool of favorites is small. I picked up a pair of these shorts and loved how high-waisted … Continue reading lululemon leggings review | align, wunder under, fast and free, train times

The Grand Budapest Hostel

In the British university system, there is a "reading week" each term. It's like spring break, but it's cold and students are expected to do work. I had to go somewhere, even though I was working part of the week. I had three days and some change to spend somewhere nice. After exploring prices, airlines, … Continue reading The Grand Budapest Hostel

Fitness Update | Marathon Training

London living, four months in, training for the.... Paris marathon! Since the end of my varsity rowing days, I've enjoyed getting stronger by focusing my daily training sessions on weightlifting. Now that we're within four months of the race date (April 14th), running mileage and the pace really have had to pick up. BUT, I … Continue reading Fitness Update | Marathon Training

What I Learned | Cross-country Road Trip

Although I saw a lot of beauty and natural wonder, my month-long road trip was very stressful. With a lot of time to reflect, I realized how much I take for granted every single day. I knew that showering would be a challenge, but I didn't anticipate how uncomfortable I would feel. Well, the problem … Continue reading What I Learned | Cross-country Road Trip