Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays

I had very few expectations for my host families. Having never had that kind of experience sent me into a whirlwind of confusion. Before arriving in Tokyo, the concept of host families alone was worrisome, but I soon realized how much of a complication the language barrier would be. Upon meeting my first host family, … Continue reading Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays


One if by Disneyland; two if by Disneysea

I remember considering how much effort it would take to go to Disney before I left. It seemed like a lot of work: an hour-long train ride and an expensive ticket that my host families would most likely not want to deal with. What I didn't expect was that every single person who lives in … Continue reading One if by Disneyland; two if by Disneysea

The Majesty of Japan’s Bathrooms

We arrived in Narita International Airport, and an immediate observation I heard was, "The bathrooms are really cool." I've seen my fair share of artist-designed or themed bathrooms, so I assumed this comment had something to do with the d├ęcor.  Upon entering for myself, my first reaction was thinking, "Wow, its hot in here." The … Continue reading The Majesty of Japan’s Bathrooms


An overnight trip to a destination within driving distance has the potential to be stressful. The concept of traveling creates stress even for a seasoned wanderer. I have found that one of the best/worst things in the world is going on a trip within a trip. My first trip-within-a-trip in recent memory was last summer … Continue reading Trip-within-a-trip

Sumida Fireworks Festival

In the US, this would be considered cultural appropriation, but in Japan, it was a friendly gesture to don a traditional yukata. I was excessively hot before we even left the house wearing the multiple layers of fabric. Not only is Tokyo always humid, it often rains which is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Of course, on … Continue reading Sumida Fireworks Festival