Workout Wednesday: July 4th-10th

I want to hold myself accountable and have regularly themed posts, so here one is! I will be sharing a workout summary of what I've done in the past week. Wednesday, July 4th This was my first day back in the gym after my road trip, so I was eager to get back into the … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: July 4th-10th

I just graduated from college

How did the last four years fly by so quickly? Who let that happen? I arrived in August 2014, checked in at the ITT, then somehow I was returning to the same indoor track to be handed my diploma. Well, not my diploma, but someone else's. Read about the Diploma Circle, another of Smith's many … Continue reading I just graduated from college

Spring Break in Tennessee

As a senior rower and captain of the crew team, my final collegiate Spring Break was spent rowing for seven hours a day on our annual training trip. While the trip is usually framed as a fun time spent with teammates, bonding and doing fun excursions, that was not the case this year. I've been … Continue reading Spring Break in Tennessee