Senior Week in Acadia National Park

My three best friends (and senior roommates) and I decided to have one last hoorah in Acadia National Park during Senior Week. We made the 6-hour road trip with a stop in Freeport for ice cream and a boot before arriving in Blackwoods Campground. We had two nights, but barely two days and wanted to … Continue reading Senior Week in Acadia National Park

I just graduated from college

How did the last four years fly by so quickly? Who let that happen? I arrived in August 2014, checked in at the ITT, then somehow I was returning to the same indoor track to be handed my diploma. Well, not my diploma, but someone else's. Read about the Diploma Circle, another of Smith's many … Continue reading I just graduated from college

My senior year – how time flies

I planned to write a piece talking about the beginning of my senior year, but here we are. I am halfway through my final year of college. Smith has a really great housing system in which we live in communities rather than dorms. Each house is self-governed, and we have a plethora of singles available. … Continue reading My senior year – how time flies