Friday Favorites: Netflix Originals

I'm a big fan of those more widely-recognized shows like Stranger Things, but there are so many Netflix Originals that seem to get no love. One of my favorite shows of all time is Bojack Horseman. Those who know it, know it well. Everyone else has never heard of it. It is the realest show … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Netflix Originals


Why I Don’t Want to be Rory Gilmore

After discovering Gilmore girls at the age of 11, I latched onto the idea of Rory Gilmore because she was young, intelligent, and motivated. I would watch her big studying, college-prep episodes for motivation. Lorelai was silly and fun, and I felt like I was somehow hanging out with a mother-figure when I would watch … Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to be Rory Gilmore

Friday Favorites #5: Shows I Repeatedly Binge-Watch

Though I prefer to always be on the move, I get used to being on the couch while at home or school. While reclining, I consider it productive to watch as much streaming programming as possible. If I'm going to spend my time doing basically nothing, I might as well achieve some contrived goal I … Continue reading Friday Favorites #5: Shows I Repeatedly Binge-Watch