Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries

I'm easily inspired by real people doing things. Very general, yes, but this is why documentaries are so inspiring to me. About a year ago, my boyfriend and I used free tickets he got for Christmas to visit the Boston Museum of Science. We had tickets to see something called National Parks Adventure in their … Continue reading Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries


I wish I could be basic, and the story of why I can’t stop caring

I wish I could be content making a little bit of money and immediately spending it on overpriced clothes at Vineyard Vines. I wish I could get a latte at Starbucks and not worry about where my straw is going to end up. I wish I could worry about having a shiny new handbag instead … Continue reading I wish I could be basic, and the story of why I can’t stop caring

My history with Lilly Pulitzer

As we reach the time of year that they typically hold a major sale, I am reflecting on my history with the Lilly Pulitzer label. It all started as me trying to imitate the young women on tumblr who flaunted their hundreds of Lilly items, drawers full of Lilly shorts, and weekly new Lilly shifts. … Continue reading My history with Lilly Pulitzer

Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!

After the extremely dark and depressing election season last year, my friends and I were inspired by all the protests and everyone's willingness to fight for what they believed in. John Oliver's Emmy-winning "F*ck 2016" segment and episode gave us the idea that rather than buying or making something useless for each other, we could … Continue reading Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!