Bonding vs. Vagabonding

Kenya was the first country I visited outside of North America. Although we had our struggles, I was planning on returning before I even left. (to hike Mount Kenya, of course!) That plan never seemed rooted in reality, but I'd still love to see it come to fruition. Next, there was Iceland. It felt like … Continue reading Bonding vs. Vagabonding

Kawaii Culture

*This is entirely my opinion from my limited perspective. From the moment we stepped into our first classroom, Kawaii culture was apparent. At a school in which girls had a very strict uniform and were not allowed to go anywhere directly from school, there was little in the name of self-expression. The one area where … Continue reading Kawaii Culture

Sumida Fireworks Festival

In the US, this would be considered cultural appropriation, but in Japan, it was a friendly gesture to don a traditional yukata. I was excessively hot before we even left the house wearing the multiple layers of fabric. Not only is Tokyo always humid, it often rains which is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Of course, on … Continue reading Sumida Fireworks Festival

Contemplating my impending Japanese home stay

I'm leaving for Japan in less than a week's time. After a couple of days of orientation, I will be living with a new family each week for the month that I'm there. The closest I've come to doing a homestay is staying in a shared Airbnb. We have been told they will be proving … Continue reading Contemplating my impending Japanese home stay