The Return of Fujisan: Vlog Verson

Many months ago, you might have read that I climbed and summited Mount Fuji as the climax of my month spent in Japan. It was amazing and exhausting, and I think fondly of it often. It's one of those things that doesn't seem real after a while, it's even possible to forget. One of my … Continue reading The Return of Fujisan: Vlog Verson


Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays

I had very few expectations for my host families. Having never had that kind of experience sent me into a whirlwind of confusion. Before arriving in Tokyo, the concept of host families alone was worrisome, but I soon realized how much of a complication the language barrier would be. Upon meeting my first host family, … Continue reading Thoughts on my Japanese Home-Stays

Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)

A week before I left Japan, I heard some of my group members talking about climbing Mt Fuji. One of them was going over details trying to convince others to go. I had not done any research on how long or intense the hike was, so I was interested in hearing it from someone who … Continue reading Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)

One if by Disneyland; two if by Disneysea

I remember considering how much effort it would take to go to Disney before I left. It seemed like a lot of work: an hour-long train ride and an expensive ticket that my host families would most likely not want to deal with. What I didn't expect was that every single person who lives in … Continue reading One if by Disneyland; two if by Disneysea

The Majesty of Japan’s Bathrooms

We arrived in Narita International Airport, and an immediate observation I heard was, "The bathrooms are really cool." I've seen my fair share of artist-designed or themed bathrooms, so I assumed this comment had something to do with the d├ęcor.  Upon entering for myself, my first reaction was thinking, "Wow, its hot in here." The … Continue reading The Majesty of Japan’s Bathrooms


An overnight trip to a destination within driving distance has the potential to be stressful. The concept of traveling creates stress even for a seasoned wanderer. I have found that one of the best/worst things in the world is going on a trip within a trip. My first trip-within-a-trip in recent memory was last summer … Continue reading Trip-within-a-trip