My First Mount Whitney Attempt

After climbing Mount Fuji last year, I was interested in similarly-leveled day hikes in North America. I discovered that Mount Whitney (located near Lone Pine, California) is the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. This seemed like the perfect challenge to take on. Because I was battling with uncertain road trip dates, juggling another … Continue reading My First Mount Whitney Attempt

Norway and the story of a really, really cheap flight

It's the beginning of September, and classes haven't even started yet. I'm messing around on Facebook and scroll past an ad for Norwegian airlines. I click and pretend to plan a trip for the few breaks I have during the Fall semester. The cheapest thing I could find is something like a 3-day trip to … Continue reading Norway and the story of a really, really cheap flight

Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)

A week before I left Japan, I heard some of my group members talking about climbing Mt Fuji. One of them was going over details trying to convince others to go. I had not done any research on how long or intense the hike was, so I was interested in hearing it from someone who … Continue reading Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)