Workout Wednesday | August 8th – 14th

I've moved away from the yoga videos, and I'm trying to incorporate a more personalized yoga and stretch session into my daily routine. I'm having a lot of fun creating my workouts. My first set a few weeks ago was fun, then the last set was even better, and I'm so in love with my … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | August 8th – 14th


(Double!) Workout Wednesday: July 25th – August 7th

I wish I didn't have to wear a shirt at Planet Fitness. I actually don't know if I'm allowed to not wear one, but I'd rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I also had to take it way easy on the yoga vids because I bruised my hip and it's causing some major hip … Continue reading (Double!) Workout Wednesday: July 25th – August 7th

Workout Wednesday: July 18th – 24th

This was a big week for changing my strength training plan. I was excited to develop a new plan from my own history with weight lifting and all of the videos I've been watching on YouTube and Instagram. I tried to consistently continue the yoga and stretching, and I did miss one day. Missing one … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: July 18th – 24th

Workout Wednesday: July 11th – 17th

In addition to my daily, out-of-the-house intense workouts, I wanted to incorporate another active, but meditative activity into my daily routine. I decided I would start with a daily yoga video, but I knew I had to start small. I'm the kind of person who thinks they need to do everything all-in from the get-go. … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: July 11th – 17th

Workout Wednesday: July 4th-10th

I want to hold myself accountable and have regularly themed posts, so here one is! I will be sharing a workout summary of what I've done in the past week. Wednesday, July 4th This was my first day back in the gym after my road trip, so I was eager to get back into the … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: July 4th-10th

Spring Break in Tennessee

As a senior rower and captain of the crew team, my final collegiate Spring Break was spent rowing for seven hours a day on our annual training trip. While the trip is usually framed as a fun time spent with teammates, bonding and doing fun excursions, that was not the case this year. I've been … Continue reading Spring Break in Tennessee

My senior year – how time flies

I planned to write a piece talking about the beginning of my senior year, but here we are. I am halfway through my final year of college. Smith has a really great housing system in which we live in communities rather than dorms. Each house is self-governed, and we have a plethora of singles available. … Continue reading My senior year – how time flies

My First Time (Running a Half Marathon)

A small Everest: the 1st Annual Cambridge Half Marathon Cambridge, MA Approaching the training for my first half marathon was tricky. I was in season which meant that I had 6-8 workouts a week that were dictated for me, and any kind of distance running would be completely auxiliary to my current training plan. While … Continue reading My First Time (Running a Half Marathon)

Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)

A week before I left Japan, I heard some of my group members talking about climbing Mt Fuji. One of them was going over details trying to convince others to go. I had not done any research on how long or intense the hike was, so I was interested in hearing it from someone who … Continue reading Conquering Fujisan (and Other Small Everests)