Friday Favorites #5: Shows I Repeatedly Binge-Watch

Though I prefer to always be on the move, I get used to being on the couch while at home or school. While reclining, I consider it productive to watch as much streaming programming as possible. If I'm going to spend my time doing basically nothing, I might as well achieve some contrived goal I … Continue reading Friday Favorites #5: Shows I Repeatedly Binge-Watch

Friday Favorites #4: New music!

~music is my life~ There have been some really good songs released from my favorite artists recently, and I would like to shine the spotlight on them for a moment. "I Know You," Craig David ft. Bastille I'm pretty obsessed with anything Bastille does, and this song is the latest of many. I watched a … Continue reading Friday Favorites #4: New music!

Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!

After the extremely dark and depressing election season last year, my friends and I were inspired by all the protests and everyone's willingness to fight for what they believed in. John Oliver's Emmy-winning "F*ck 2016" segment and episode gave us the idea that rather than buying or making something useless for each other, we could … Continue reading Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!

Friday Favorites #2: My Christmas Playlist

I have a Spotify playlist for this time of year - and it's only 9 hours and 7 minutes long! I can appreciate most genres and style of Christmas music, but I certainly have my favorites. 1. All of the Killers's charity Christmas songs! My favorites from the collection are "A Great Big Sled," "Christmas … Continue reading Friday Favorites #2: My Christmas Playlist

Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas

This is a new series I'm starting to give myself a weekly focus. Today, I will be describing some of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season! There's a lot that I love - there are reasons I make Christmas last AT LEAST two months! 1. Christmas music! As Buddy the Elf said, "The best … Continue reading Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas