Friday Favorites | RuPaul Songs

I've made no secret of my obsession with Drag Race. My young love of the show has grown exponentially over the last three months while I've been home. I've finally had to chance to watch all seasons of the show, including many (but not all) episodes of Untucked. This has caused my love for Mama … Continue reading Friday Favorites | RuPaul Songs

Friday Favorites | Spotify

I'm popping in to talk about how much I love Spotify. This is entirely my opinion, but hey, Spotty, if you're into it, I'll be happy to take compensation. I've been a premium subscriber for over four years, and I haven't looked back. I can't imagine going back to the system of "paying for each … Continue reading Friday Favorites | Spotify

Friday Favorites | Starbucks Drinks

I frequent a good Starbucks just like every other millennial. However, I'm totally against spending so much money on sugary drinks. For Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Halloween, Friday the 13th - I always ask for Starbucks gift cards. Gift cards from anywhere else would only encourage me to buy useless stuff I didn't know I wanted … Continue reading Friday Favorites | Starbucks Drinks

Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries

I'm easily inspired by real people doing things. Very general, yes, but this is why documentaries are so inspiring to me. About a year ago, my boyfriend and I used free tickets he got for Christmas to visit the Boston Museum of Science. We had tickets to see something called National Parks Adventure in their … Continue reading Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries