My Death Valley Reunion

The morning after our Whitney attempt, we immediately hit the road for the scorching hot temperatures of my beloved valley. We checked out (most of) Father John Crawley Vista on the way in. I've done that drive many times before, but it offer so many great views. The Panamint dunes are hanging out there in … Continue reading My Death Valley Reunion


Death Valley: How I Fell in Love with the Desert

After saying goodbye to Greg at McCarran International, I started the two-hour drive from Vegas to Death Valley National Park, my home for the next six weeks. (Six weeks is a long time; buckle in for a long ride.) I had gotten a later start, so it was already getting dark when I left. The … Continue reading Death Valley: How I Fell in Love with the Desert


An overnight trip to a destination within driving distance has the potential to be stressful. The concept of traveling creates stress even for a seasoned wanderer. I have found that one of the best/worst things in the world is going on a trip within a trip. My first trip-within-a-trip in recent memory was last summer … Continue reading Trip-within-a-trip