Throwing my first Christmas party.

I have always wanted to play out a fantasy of having a fun old-fashioned Christmas gathering. I imagined everyone dressed up and drinking holiday punch while Brenda Lee jammed out in the background. There would be mistletoe hanging everywhere and merriment alike. Unfortunately, real life is very different from my imaginary life. I decided that … Continue reading Throwing my first Christmas party.

Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas

This is a new series I'm starting to give myself a weekly focus. Today, I will be describing some of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season! There's a lot that I love - there are reasons I make Christmas last AT LEAST two months! 1. Christmas music! As Buddy the Elf said, "The best … Continue reading Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas

My senior year – how time flies

I planned to write a piece talking about the beginning of my senior year, but here we are. I am halfway through my final year of college. Smith has a really great housing system in which we live in communities rather than dorms. Each house is self-governed, and we have a plethora of singles available. … Continue reading My senior year – how time flies