Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!

After the extremely dark and depressing election season last year, my friends and I were inspired by all the protests and everyone's willingness to fight for what they believed in. John Oliver's Emmy-winning "F*ck 2016" segment and episode gave us the idea that rather than buying or making something useless for each other, we could … Continue reading Friday Favorites #3: Christmas donations!

Friday Favorites #2: My Christmas Playlist

I have a Spotify playlist for this time of year - and it's only 9 hours and 7 minutes long! I can appreciate most genres and style of Christmas music, but I certainly have my favorites. 1. All of the Killers's charity Christmas songs! My favorites from the collection are "A Great Big Sled," "Christmas … Continue reading Friday Favorites #2: My Christmas Playlist

Holiday Gift Guide for the Average Human

I find it entertaining to read gift guides, especially when they are geared toward some general part of the population. My absolute favorites are from the very poorly written college blog site which are typically aimed at "college girls." They include such consumerisms as "if it's Nike, just buy it" and "you could never have … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide for the Average Human

Throwing my first Christmas party.

I have always wanted to play out a fantasy of having a fun old-fashioned Christmas gathering. I imagined everyone dressed up and drinking holiday punch while Brenda Lee jammed out in the background. There would be mistletoe hanging everywhere and merriment alike. Unfortunately, real life is very different from my imaginary life. I decided that … Continue reading Throwing my first Christmas party.

Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas

This is a new series I'm starting to give myself a weekly focus. Today, I will be describing some of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season! There's a lot that I love - there are reasons I make Christmas last AT LEAST two months! 1. Christmas music! As Buddy the Elf said, "The best … Continue reading Friday Favorites #1: My Favorite Things about Christmas

It’s the Holiday Season!

I really love celebrating my two favorite seasons: Halloween and Christmastime. I also love to start early. I love those memes joking about how it's "almost Halloween" in March, but in an entirely genuine way. As summer goes from a pleasant change of pace to an annoyingly sweaty season, I begin my Halloween preparations. Spiderwebs … Continue reading It’s the Holiday Season!