Redwood National Park | Rocky Coasts and Tall Trees

After getting a late start leaving Oakland, we began the long trek to the Redwoods. We intended to hit up the coastal National Park section of the parks and got there at around dinner time. We rushed to buy our souvenir magnets, then hit up the beach briefly. It was cool and breezy, but the … Continue reading Redwood National Park | Rocky Coasts and Tall Trees

Los Angeles: A Big County with a Small Dream

I've spent a long weekend in LA before and enjoyed it very much. We had stayed in Marina del Rey and kept to the Venice Beach/Santa Monica area except for a drive on Rodeo and a quick jaunt to see the Hollywood sign. This year, I made sure that LA was on the itinerary for … Continue reading Los Angeles: A Big County with a Small Dream

My First Mount Whitney Attempt

After climbing Mount Fuji last year, I was interested in similarly-leveled day hikes in North America. I discovered that Mount Whitney (located near Lone Pine, California) is the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. This seemed like the perfect challenge to take on. Because I was battling with uncertain road trip dates, juggling another … Continue reading My First Mount Whitney Attempt

Welcome to the Airbnb California

The concept of Airbnb was terrifying to me at first. Why would I want to deal with someone when I wanted to relax and sleep? On vacations, my mother and I have always stayed in hotels. My father's vacations usually include camping of which I was never a fan. I prefer privacy in a bug-free, … Continue reading Welcome to the Airbnb California