Friday Favorites | RuPaul Songs

I've made no secret of my obsession with Drag Race. My young love of the show has grown exponentially over the last three months while I've been home. I've finally had to chance to watch all seasons of the show, including many (but not all) episodes of Untucked. This has caused my love for Mama … Continue reading Friday Favorites | RuPaul Songs

Prepping for My London Departure

So, I'm leaving for London very soon. I arrive to a room of my own, a private bathroom, and quite a few things I need to figure out. I have begun the daunting packing process, tackling the cold weather stuff already. Most of my daily wear stuff like underwear and workout stuff has to be … Continue reading Prepping for My London Departure

Road Trip | In Summary

States: 23 Miles: 10,000 Days: 28 Hours of driving: 150 National Parks: 11 Taco Bells visited: 12 Nights spent in the car: 10 This trip was exhausting, exhilarating, exciting, and downright terrifying. However, it was most definitely¬†not expensive. If this is something you're interested in doing - DO IT. As long as you have the … Continue reading Road Trip | In Summary

Workout Wednesday | September 5th – 11th

I started a new set of workouts this week, my last one before making the big transition coming up in a couple weeks. I've been trying to up my intensity constantly by doing one-armed moves sometimes and both arms other times or really focusing on one muscle for one workout and full-body for another one. … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | September 5th – 11th

Cape Cod | Vacationland

Once I hit the deep end with this whole drag stuff, I pretty much sealed the fate of having to see some queens live-in-show. Bendelacreme announced a month-long run of Infernoagogo in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I thought back to a time when a friend told me about how gay P-Town is and how close he lives. … Continue reading Cape Cod | Vacationland

Seattle | Home of Starbucks and Jinkx Monsoon

After a quick couple days driving up the West Coast, we arrived in Seattle. We spent the night in North Seattle before heading into the city the next morning. We took the train into Westlake early-ish and walked to Pike Place Market. We walked through the market and saw the OG Starbucks. The line was … Continue reading Seattle | Home of Starbucks and Jinkx Monsoon

Experiencing Toxic Masculinity at Planet Fitness

About a year ago, I shared a post I wrote about feeling the "male gaze" at my local Planet Fitness. I hadn't had any particularly bad occurrences since then, aside from the obvious stares. The other night, I had a very different, rattling experience that is messing with my outlook on toxic masculinity. Here's the … Continue reading Experiencing Toxic Masculinity at Planet Fitness