Spring Break in Tennessee

As a senior rower and captain of the crew team, my final collegiate Spring Break was spent rowing for seven hours a day on our annual training trip. While the trip is usually framed as a fun time spent with teammates, bonding and doing fun excursions, that was not the case this year. I've been … Continue reading Spring Break in Tennessee

Death Valley: How I Fell in Love with the Desert

After saying goodbye to Greg at McCarran International, I started the two-hour drive from Vegas to Death Valley National Park, my home for the next six weeks. (Six weeks is a long time; buckle in for a long ride.) I had gotten a later start, so it was already getting dark when I left. The … Continue reading Death Valley: How I Fell in Love with the Desert

Bryce Canyon: A Last-Minute Trip

At the tail-end of my cross-country journey to Death Valley, Greg and I spent the night in a beautiful Utah state park. Well, we didn't actually know it was beautiful because we arrived long after dark, but it was confirmed the next morning. We woke up (pretty cold) in Fremont Indian State Park early the … Continue reading Bryce Canyon: A Last-Minute Trip

Friday Favorites #8: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season X

On the night of the first day of classes of this semester, season 3 of the Drag Race spin-off series, "All Stars," was premiering. I decide to watch with my friends because drag is right up my alley. I was obsessed within minutes, choosing my favorite (Bendelacreme) to be the winner. As a friend unit, … Continue reading Friday Favorites #8: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season X

Joshua Tree National Park, or Those Dr. Seuss trees in the desert

During my limited time in the beautiful lands of Death Valley, I took many a side trip. One of them was a day trip to another desert: Joshua Tree National Park. Leaving before the temperatures reached 100 degrees, I packed a day's worth of food and a lot of water. I knew that my outing … Continue reading Joshua Tree National Park, or Those Dr. Seuss trees in the desert

That person dancing at concerts

I'm that person. I used to make fun of them, but I've since realized that they are simply┬áhaving a good time. What's wrong with that?┬áMany of us are insecure. Though I no longer suffer from this ailment, I understand that it is difficult to confidently move one's body with arms over their head. Recently, I … Continue reading That person dancing at concerts

How to navigate the intricacies of souvenir-shopping

With my recent move toward minimalism, I've realized how many souvenir shops are filled with worthless garbage. Even if they're "Buy 8 for $20," shirts with the name of the place you visited are made of the same itchy cotton you get with free t-shirts. And is it really necessary to have a shirt from … Continue reading How to navigate the intricacies of souvenir-shopping

Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries

I'm easily inspired by real people doing things. Very general, yes, but this is why documentaries are so inspiring to me. About a year ago, my boyfriend and I used free tickets he got for Christmas to visit the Boston Museum of Science. We had tickets to see something called National Parks Adventure in their … Continue reading Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries