Road Trip: Announcement and Playlist

I would say that I'm close to halfway done with my post-graduation, month-ish-long road trip. I spent today in LA and have a few more days in Cali before continuing North and East. I wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for the tunes that accompany me on the endless miles of a cross-country … Continue reading Road Trip: Announcement and Playlist

Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks: Big Trees and Long Drives

My first big outing after arriving in Death Valley was a weekend trip the Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. I took off early in the morning while the desert temperatures were still mild and started on CA190. At first, the seemingly-endless desert scared me. I had no service, little water, and had no idea … Continue reading Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks: Big Trees and Long Drives

Being Green On the Road

The exciting news is that I’m currently in Colorado on a long road trip! The less exciting news is that Greg and I are trying to be budget-friendly and eco-friendly. In terms of saving money, we are attempting to do the whole trip with only staying at free campsites and at friends’ houses along the … Continue reading Being Green On the Road

Senior Week in Acadia National Park

My three best friends (and senior roommates) and I decided to have one last hoorah in Acadia National Park during Senior Week. We made the 6-hour road trip with a stop in Freeport for ice cream and a boot before arriving in Blackwoods Campground. We had two nights, but barely two days and wanted to … Continue reading Senior Week in Acadia National Park

Senita Athletics Leggings Review

When I first discovered these leggings, I thought I had to have them. As I minimize my wardrobe, I'm looking for high-quality pieces that have multiple uses. Nice, black leggings can be dressed up or worn on a cold-weather run. These leggings are high-waisted, and they have pockets! And they're under $40? They must be … Continue reading Senita Athletics Leggings Review

A Quick Trip to Montreal

As my college days are numbered, my good friends and I want to take advantage of our close proximity to some of the Northeast's coolest and most beautiful places. Because of our placement on the rowing team, our weekends are usually devoted to races. This past weekend was our first "free" weekend since the beginning … Continue reading A Quick Trip to Montreal

Why I Don’t Want to be Rory Gilmore

After discovering Gilmore girls at the age of 11, I latched onto the idea of Rory Gilmore because she was young, intelligent, and motivated. I would watch her big studying, college-prep episodes for motivation. Lorelai was silly and fun, and I felt like I was somehow hanging out with a mother-figure when I would watch … Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to be Rory Gilmore

Spring Break in Tennessee

As a senior rower and captain of the crew team, my final collegiate Spring Break was spent rowing for seven hours a day on our annual training trip. While the trip is usually framed as a fun time spent with teammates, bonding and doing fun excursions, that was not the case this year. I've been … Continue reading Spring Break in Tennessee