My name is Lisa and though I love junk-journaling, I wanted a digital medium through which I could share my thoughts and experiences. I’m going into my final year of studying Government, along with Community Engagement and Social Change and Exercise and Sport Studies, at Smith College. After that, I’m immediately diving into a MSC program in International Social and Public Policy. I have big plans to change the world.

Attending Smith was meant to be, and the institution has provided me with numerous opportunities I would never have gotten elsewhere. Through summer and January-term courses, I have traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and St. Petersburg, Russia. These eye-opening experiences rekindled my dreams of seeing the world, so I have promised myself never to stop.

After witnessing the horrors that have taken place in the US in the last handful of years, I decided that I need to do something with my life that helps, even if only a little. My career aspirations center around this realization.

I’m the captain of my college’s crew team and that takes up a majority of my time. I started rowing when I got to Smith and I fell in love with the sport and my teammates. Now, the forced time management and routine of it all keeps me coming back. I love to run and lift weights: I’ve dead-lifted over 230 lbs, and I finished my first half-marathon in under two hours. I love cats and anyone who even knows me a little bit is well-aware of this fact. I enjoy reading, but it takes extreme circumstances to motivate me to finish a book. I binge-watch competitively, and I save all ticket-stubs from the many concerts I attend to washi-tape into my traveler’s notebook. I’m also a vegetarian who loves Mexican food particularly.

If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out.

The states I’ve visited


The countries I’ve visited