Doom Days are here

I can clearly remember the first time I heard Pompeii – in a Guess Jeans dressing room in South Carolina. I didn’t even really start obsessing over Bastille until the next summer. It took for me to see them live in Camden, NJ at the Radio 104.5 birthday show on May 11th, 2014 for me to commit myself completely.

Over the last five years, I distinctly remember where I was and what I was doing when every album, mixtape, and single came out. I was in Nairobi listening to Good Grief on repeat at the desk of my “internship.” Watching Snakes live at Firefly Festival 2015 long before the album came out. Grand Cayman with my mother in the hotel room when Fake It was released. At the Smith College gym when Send Them Off came out. Amsterdam for Doom Days. On the bus on the way to my last ever regatta blasting Quarter Past Midnight.

Most of my college and “adulthood” memories are scored by the beauty of Bastille. After that quickie in Camden, I saw them the following year at Firefly, then missed them for nearly two whole years before seeing them twice in the same week during the Wild, Wild World tour. I caught them again in Camden, then in Albany.

I knew things would be different when I moved to London, but I couldn’t imagine the amazing access to live music that I’d have. I finally got to see them in their home city this past February, and then again last week at a tiny venue. I’m obsessive, so naturally I’m going to see them at least three more times before the year is through. But this is ignoring the whole point of this post.

Doom Days. When albums don’t come around that often, their release is like a holiday or special gift. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened (it’s a lot), but I’ve been trying to go all the way through, like Dan suggested. Anything you say, Dan. I love the ups and downs and the mixed emotions – it’s very relatable. Current favorites are 4AM and Another Place. All bets are off once I see them all performed live. The album is so good, but it’s so much shorter than Wild World, and I hope this means we don’t have to wait another three years for the next one.

Anyway: Doom Days. Listen. I highly recommend.

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