Day in the Life | LSE Edition

Lent Term Tuesdays are the busiest days I’ve had since high school. My days are so long, it’s feels like a whole week has gone by at the end of it. I tend to think of this as my Thursday because most of the week is over by the end of it!

6am – wake up and go!

I have an early wake up call before rushing out the door to ride almost the entire Bakerloo line to get to the Paddington track for Track Tuesday.

7am – run!

I run, sometimes with others, sometimes vaguely in the vicinity of others, depending on how slow I am that day. The workout itself usually takes about 40 minutes before the official selfie is taken, and the session is officially over.

8:45am – Aldi

Because I don’t have class until 12:30, I have plenty of time to get errands done. Every two weeks, I make a big trip to Aldi to get as many vegetables as I can carry.

9:30am – home

I arrive home, pet the house cat, Webby, and unpack all of my groceries into my single cupboard in my shared kitchen.

I eat breakfast (yogurt with granola) and get ready for spending a million hours in class (doing last minute readings and listening to a drag podcast).

11:45am – leave for class

I walk to the bus stop, almost always missing a bus by mere seconds. I spend my 25ish minute ride either finishing a reading or listening to 90s alt.

12:30-2pm – lecture

I sit through my lecture, trying very hard to focus on the information coming out of my professor’s mouth and not on the hunger that I’m feeling.

2-3pm – break

Between my first two classes, I have one hour to stuff my face with as much food as possible. I run to the nearest cafe and order food and coffee, taking a moment to relax before the fire.

3-6pm – double class

I have a lecture/seminar double feature that’s usually more lecture than seminar. It starts out well, but I soon realize that only minutes have gone by. We usually get at least a 15 minute break, but it’s never soon enough – I’m struggling to stay awake by 4pm.

6-7:30pm – seminar

Last class of the day – it goes by ridiculously slowly. It’s also a tiny class, so everyone is really expected to participate and pay attention the whole time. Relief washes over me the second it’s over.

8pm – home

After a quick bus ride, I’m home and have to make myself dinner that will hopefully be consumed before 9. I hate getting home this late because the night is already over before it starts.

10pm – lights out

After dinner, I try to get in a few minutes of Netflix or reading if I’m in the middle of a really enticing book. I take my time winding down from my busy day and try really hard to go to sleep early.


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