lululemon leggings review | align, wunder under, fast and free, train times

train times

My first lululemon bottoms were a pair of train times shorts. I’ve almost exclusively worn mid-length spandex shorts to work out for the last few years, but my Under Armour ones have zero compression, and my pool of favorites is small. I picked up a pair of these shorts and loved how high-waisted they were and how supported I felt.

They still ride up a bit when I run until my sweat keeps them down. They’re not perfect, but they do a better job than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve accidentally picked up a few more pairs (sales definitely make this less painful).

wunder under

This is the classic lululemon legging that everyone raves about. I got the high-rise 7/8 ones in luxtreme, and I like how high waisted they are and how cool and light the luxtreme feels. They were amazing when I first got them.

A couple wears later, the legs have kind of stretched out slightly, causing them to fall down slowly. I intermittently must pick up the waistband and the legs, otherwise the ankle becomes loose and I get excess fabric in the lower waist area. I probably could have gone a size down, but I don’t know if it would have made that big of a difference.

align pant

I was beyond skeptical about these because the material feels like something my rough winter hands would get caught on. In the winter sale, I decided to try them out because so many people love them so much.

Trying them on, I realized I should have gotten them a size smaller. Initially, they were soft, but the “naked” effect of the fabric made me question their wearability. After wearing them a handful of times, I slowly realized I didn’t want to take them off. Though they offer no compression, the soft material feels excellent against my skin.

Mine are slightly pilling between thighs, so I must be careful with how I treat them. I even love sleeping in them which makes them seem like an expensive pair of pajamas, but waking up in my align pants makes the price worth it.

I might have just picked up a second pair – let’s keep this a secret for now.

fast and free

My most recent legging purchase were the fast and free 7/8. I bought my usual size, but should have gone down one in these, too. While they have a drawstring waist, they are looser in the legs than I’d like. Running in them is comfortable, but for the price, I wish they fit better.

Part of me feels like I should buy and try every pair of leggings to find which ones I like best, but the other part of me resent how much I’ve already bought. Maybe I should resign myself to the fact that perfect leggings don’t exist.

Disclaimer about sizing:

I’ve been an 8 in everything for a long time. I have an athletic build, but I have quite of a bit of “substance” to my body. That being said, I think I’m actually closer to a 6 than an 8, especially since my everyday life has been more active living in London and fast-walking everywhere. Alas, while I might think that things run big, it’s probably because I’m not wearing my actual size.


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