lululemon bra review | energy, free to be wild, lighten up

I don’t think I even knew what lululemon was until 2017, and then I only knew it to be overpriced. As much as I try not to fall into consumeristic practices, I do really need high-quality work out gear because of my lifestyle.

After being disappointed with so many cheap brands, I made my first lululemon purchase: the lighten up bra.

lighten up bra

I must admit, this purchase was mostly aesthetic. As soon as I tried the bra on, I knew I wouldn’t be able to actually train in it. The back straps are probably my favorite design, but I have to agree with the critiques of the band stretching out and losing support. It’s already a pretty low-cut bra, so without the band’s support, I don’t think I could even do yoga in this bra. However. I do still wear it casually.

energy bra

This was my second-ever lululemon purchase and an accidental one at that. When I did some classes at B/SPOKE studios over the summer, I was beyond tempted to buy some merch, and I’m highly embarrassed by how easily I’ve fallen prey to marketing. I bought a bra that said “CAPE” across the chest, and that bra happened to be the energy bra.

This mid-support for B/C cup bra fits really well, offers enough support for long runs, and still has an interesting strap configuration. I find it very comfortable, and I’ve done pretty much every type of workout in it with no complaints. If you have a smaller chest, you’d be able to get away with a bra with less support, but this one has great coverage for downward dog and has maintained its shape through everything I’ve put it through.

I also have a long line energy bra which only means that the chest band is about double the length. However, the internal elastic part is the same length, it’s only the luxtreme outer layer that’s longer. Because of this lack of structure, the band rides up if I’m not consciously keeping it down. Sometimes, I fold the longer band under the elastic so it’s out of the way and looks like a regular energy bra.

free to be wild bra

After purchasing too many energy bras, I decided to try out something different (for mostly superficial reasons). This bra has less support than the energy bra and offers less coverage in the front which might be perfect for a smaller A/B chest.

It’s really just a variation of the free to be bra (which I can’t speak to), but it has a more involved strap configuration. I don’t run in this one, and I do have to be careful in many situations. In some of my lifts, I find that I fear spillage if I’m leaning over or tummy-down on a bench. It’s really perfect for upright workouts that are intense without too much bouncing around.


Despite having probably 10 lululemon bras, I only have these three variations. My top pick would definitely be the energy bra, considering how well it supports, covers, and keeps its shape. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that there are cheaper bras that exist to successful perform the same functions. If you’re in a “treat yo’self” mood, go for it (but let’s also take a moment to consider the environmental impact of our purchases.)


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