2018 | Year in Review


I spent almost all of January at home doing very little. At the end of 2017, I had applied for a few graduate programs in the UK, so it was a waiting game.

At the very end of the month and on the first day of my final Smith semester, I found out that I got into an MSc program at the London School of Economics.

That same night, I watched Drag Race for the first time. January 25th was a big day for me.


February consisted of me trying to make the most of my college experience. I ate as many free meals at UMass as I could, I went to some sporting events, and I tried to make my own team an inclusive space.


This month was difficult from a team perspective. Spring Break was grueling and literally back-breaking. It was hard both physically and mentally, and I would really not recommend it to anyone.


My birthday month flew by in my attempt to make everything seem special for my senior spring. Senior Ball was an amazing time, and I got to do all of the end-of-year events one last time.


I graduated with my BA from Smith College and slowly began preparing for what lies ahead.


June was spent on the road, traversing across the country with Greg. We had an amazing time seeing natural beauty and eating lots of cheap Taco Bell. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is still not wholly real to me.


I was home which meant finalizing all of the London details. Paying hundreds of dollars for a visa and getting in contact with a school in another country were not easy.


I had a fun final month at home, went to an old favorite beach, and attended the first wedding of my adulthood. I really tried to savor and soak up all of the moments I had left at home and with my family.


Transition from doing nothing in a familiar place to doing everything in a completely new place.

This was not an easy month, but I made it through. London and I got acquainted, and I learned a lot about myself.


This was a month of adjustment and trying new things. I delved into both a part-time job and post-graduate degree which was time-consuming.


I finally started traveling when I got a free weekend. I spent a wonderful few days in Budapest then geared up for Christmas time.


I tried to do as many Christmas things as I could which included going to the Christmas markets of Salzburg. I also spent a few days in Barcelona before going home for Christmas. I was back in London for the last hours of 2018, celebrating with my new city.

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