Museums of London | FREE

Though I was familiar with the Tate Modern before arriving in London, I failed to realize how many museums charged nothing for admission. I made it a priority to visit the Tate Modern within days of my arrival, and I did so with pleasure.

I also visited a tiny drag-themed gallery (it was literally one room, but I made it last) on my second day in London at the National Gallery.

Then, everything seemed to happen all at once, and I suddenly had very little time for museums (and my free time I felt was better spent on Franco Manca pizza and making friends).

On my first free Saturday, I had the opportunity to check out the Natural History Museum with a friend. It was all about science and animals, and I do like animals. I must have been very sleep-deprived (as per usual) because I looked at an iguana figurine and said, “That dog looks happy.” It really did look happy. We had a good 1.5 hours spent at the museum (I can’t handle much longer than that), then went to find food before I fell asleep on the bus ride home.

A few weeks later, I felt it was necessary to go after work with some friends to the Victoria & Albert museum during one of their Friday “Lates” events. I was not dressed for the occasion, and my feet hurt terribly. I raced through a few exhibits before calling it a night. The matcha bubble tea on the tube home made up for my exhaustion.

The very next Friday, I went with other friends back to the V&A for their Dia de los Muertos event. We played bingo (I was the second winner, but they still gave me a prize), watched some dancers (through a crowd that I couldn’t actually see through), and saw some art between all of those things. Having just been there the week before, I wasn’t really into staying long.

My expectations were definitely not met. I thought I would have so much time and energy to take full advantage of all that London has to offer, but even when I had the time, sleep took priority.

I hope to go back to the Tate and really get to spend a full day there (if I can handle that much museum).

It’s nice to know that there’s so much going on in London all the time, but at the same time, it makes me feel like I’m constantly missing out on something.

That being said, every time I cross a bridge at night and look out at that skyline, I feel immensely fortunate to be living here for at least a year.

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