Memory Lane | Myrtle Beach

Back in the days of my early childhood, my mother and I went on an annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because she knew it to be a family-friendly beach spot. She found the Coral Beach Resort and booked us a week almost every year until high school with an ocean-view room.

As a child, it was amazing because they had “ten pools” including a lazy river, hot tubs, and an indoor pool. They’re located right on the beach, so there is really nothing to complain about.


We drove the ten-twelve hours down all but one time. The drive was part of the experience, stopping somewhere along the way to sleep and to buy useless junk at South of the Border, just below the inter-Carolina state line.

While I was home this year, we decided to make the long trek south for an extended-weekend stay at our old favorite.

We got a good deal and stayed at the same hotel. It was such a blast from the past, but I think it was the best the place has ever looked. The hotel was exactly the same, but seemed like it has been better taken care of since the last time we were there five years ago.

My favorite part of the trip was the time we spent on the beach. Historically, we spent most of our time by the pool, sunbathing and taking scheduled dips in the water. This time, I wanted to take advantage of that big, beautiful ocean. Rather than lying on a chair by the pool, we laid on towels on the sand.

We took daily hour-long walks on the beach that turned into garbage pick-up sessions. Some hot finds: a Burger King cup, complete with straw, a disposable razor, and 500 water bottle caps.

After our walk, we would sit on the edge of the wet sand and let the water rush over us. It was really nice and refreshing (aside from the sand I had to pick off my body after).


We hit up not only our old favorite spots, but also some new great places.

  • Broadway at the Beach

I was never really clear on what “Broadway at the Beach” was, and we historically only went there to go to the aquarium. This time, we discovered it’s a nightlife-filled shopping center. Our first time, we had a terrible experience with a Starbucks worker who gave me so much attitude that I walked out.

The second time, we walked around, taking occasional refuge in the air-conditioned shops. It was really nice to just get out and walk around, even without wasting money on shirts I’ll end up donating in a few years.

  • Jerusalem

This must be a fairly new restaurant that wasn’t there the last time we were there. We love Mediterranean food, so we gave it a try. The aesthetic was incredible. At first, we feared we ordered too little food, but it was soon apparent that we ordered too much. It was all so good. We rolled out of the place.

  • Seafood World

This is an old favorite. Any buffet worth visiting is very expensive, and this was no exception. We went a little overboard and visited twice, overeating both times (it’s vacation).

  • The Boardwalk

The boardwalk was a new thing the last time we were in Myrtle Beach, but it seems to be a bigger thing now. We always made a visit to what we called “the strip,” a street full of shops and nightlife. The boardwalk is a continuation of the street, but sits beachfront. We took in the salty air and even got to witness something called the Full Moon Festival on our last night.


  • Bangkok House

We ate here many, many years ago, and it was my first time ever having Thai food. I will never forget that Pad Thai. (It might have also been my only time ever having chicken Pad Thai). This time around, I got the yellow curry which never disappoints. We also got the sticky rice with custard, another first, but very enjoyable.


Our long weekend turned into a nearly-week-long vacation, but I’m not complaining. This was kind of like our last hoorah before I leave home again soon.

We got to meet up with a friend from Smith in MD on the way back, a good ending to a nostalgic trip.

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