Workout Wednesday | Fitness Update

I’m working out everyday, here in London. I still lift weights like never before. I’m getting stronger everyday.


I registered for the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon on April 14th!

This means that I’ve had to slowly build up my weekly mileage and get back into running. Before last week, I hadn’t actually gone for a run in quite a few months. I’m trying to do both steady state longer distances, as well as intervals to help me build my speed back up.

My goal as of right now is under 4:15. My best half-marathon time is somewhere around 1:55, but this is two times that length! My real goal is 4:07, but I want to be realistic. That being said, I don’t know how many marathons I will end up doing in this life, so I should take advantage of this opportunity.

I plan to continue my strength training, but as the race gets closer, I will probably drop that down to only 4-5 times a week instead of everyday.

Although running 26.2 miles is terrifying (I know how terrible my body has felt doing half of that), I was getting excited last night looking at other people’s marathon journeys. It is quite fun to work toward a goal, especially one that I never knew my body was capable of.

I think I listed running a full marathon as one of my 2018 goals, but April 2019 seems like it’s still pretty much on track. If I really enjoy it, perhaps I’ll run another in 2019.

I had originally put in a bid for the Virgin Money London Marathon, but I was rejected. Luckily, registration for Paris was still open, and it’s only a couple hours away! Plus, I will get to go to Disneyland after! (I’m vvv high-key excited for Disneyland Paris and Phantom Manor.)

As it stands for me in London rn, I have access to a full gym and a brand-new travel card so I might feel more willing to travel across the city to use that gym. However, I would love to have a better idea of local running paths so I could plan out my longer runs. It seems like the longer, straighter streets are the busiest.

Anyway, here I go!

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