Baby’s Day Out | New York City

After our tumultuous road trip, Greg and I were looking for a fun day of “exploring” a city that I’m very familiar with. Back in the days of middle school, I was a huge Broadway nerd. Like, I made my mother take me to the city once a month to see shows.

I saw many shows more than once, and I’ve seen well over 40 performances of Broadway shows (not counting those pesky off- and off-off- Broadway shows. Because of this, I’ve become very familiar with the theatre district and generally knowing how to get around the city on foot.

We intended to just kind of walk around and check out some shops and cafes that we don’t have access to in small-town US life.

We started out by walking all the way down to Soho.

We took a short stoop at the Flatiron building and attempted to take photos, but that whole sitch is a work in progress.


Upon finding that the line for cronuts at the Dominique Ansel Bakery wasn’t that bad, we waited and each got one. It was a lot more involved than I expected. It isn’t just a croissant shaped like a donut, it was filled with jelly with icing on top and it seemed like that was all added in post-production. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but it wasn’t as unique as I expected.


Next up was some window shopping at Patagonia (for the sticker, of course). We stopped in at Daniel Wellington because I needed my watch battery replaced. I was greeted by a ditsy feminine-presenting human who put us down for being obvious tourists and insisted she had never been to a mall. She also threw in a comment about how my watch is so old, they don’t make that size any more.

I (intentionally) stumbled upon the Glossier Showroom because I’ve recently decided to get into makeup as an art form (thanks, drag). We had to ride an elevator up to the penthouse suite of a nondescript building and were greeted by a different kind of world.

Everything was bright and white and clean, but I was intimidated by all of the 14-year-olds who seemed to know so much more than I do about makeup. Two minutes later, they play “Supermodel (of the World)” by RuPaul, so I was inspired enough to dive in head first.


I bought a lipstick and boy brow and called it a day.

We walked through Little Italy and got just close enough to Canal Street to get the vibe, but not close enough to get attacked with fake designer watches and bags.

After this, we ate at By Chloe where I had a decently-sized salad and Greg had a disappointingly-small sandwich. I’ve made fun of this place since Greg first told me about it, but I had a better experience than I expected (he was v disappointed). It was about $12 for a salad and $10 for a sandwich with no sides.


Though I’ve visited it before, we walked to the 9/11 Memorial for a moment.

We were meeting a friend of mine at the Statue of Liberty dock area, so Greg got a photo with a very small, distant statue, and I got to see my friend.

We ate at a pizza place in Little Italy that was definitely geared toward tourists. We rode the subway and got to spend some good time catching up.

I’ve actually never been to the Strand so we stopped in on our long walk back to the car.


Greg got pizza part II at Patzeria on 46th between Broadway and 8th. They have the best “grandma” pizza I’ve ever had, and Greg really needed to experience that. I used to go every time I was in the city, especially after performances of Billy Elliot which was right across the street.

The day ended with an expensive parking bill, but we had a nice day otherwise.

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