Cape Cod | Vacationland

Once I hit the deep end with this whole drag stuff, I pretty much sealed the fate of having to see some queens live-in-show.

Bendelacreme announced a month-long run of Infernoagogo in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I thought back to a time when a friend told me about how gay P-Town is and how close he lives. I hit him up v quickly so Greg and I had a free place to stay.

As soon as I could, I planned a two-night stint in Cape Cod, home of the kettle-cooked potato chips. I came across the show Hokem Pokem, starring Peaches Christ and Jinkx Monsoon and immediately planned to see that as well.

We left on a Wednesday and got to see foggy Nauset Beach before getting into Provincetown. The beach was very New England, so we took our time taking in the sights of the ocean and young kids in their Vineyard Vines.


We found a vegetarian-friendly grab-and-go restaurant and ate zoodles and salad outside of the first show venue.

We headed into the bar theatre and jammed out to such classics as the Halloween theme and “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads while waiting for the show to start.

The Hocus Pocus parody was Terribly funny and entertaining. It was easy to fall in love with Peaches Christ, anything Jinkx does is perfect, and Liza Lott was a great and funny new-to-me face.



The next morning, Greg and I went to our first spin class at B/SPOKE studio in Mashpee. It was a sweaty dark room, but the teacher had plenty of inspirational muses to ponder. We were disappointed to learn they only had showers at their other locations. After bagels and a shower elsewhere, we drove to a new beach.

I wanted to check out Head of the Meadow beach, but I couldn’t remember why.

We splashed around in the water and on the sand bar and did some lounging in the sun. It actually felt like a real vacation. Highlight: I figured out why this was the beach I wanted to see. Harbor seals hangout there, and we got to see one!

We were very hungry, so we left the beach just in time for the rain to start. In Provincetown, we found decently-priced burritos. We walked around the strip and got a doughnut (surprise!) and some fudge.

Bendela’s show was so funny and smart! We had a great time and even got to meet the one-and-only afterward.

We did quite a few laps, up-and-down the strip, getting taffy and enjoying our last night.

The next morning, we attended another B/SPOKE spin class where I unfortunately purchased a branded Lululemon bra. It was way too expensive. We got breakfast and Starbucks at Mashpee Commons where I took Greg to his first Lilly Pulitzer store.

That was the final stop for us. It was a great quick trip, and I expect us to return to P-town again.

Oh, and I made this.

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