Seattle | Home of Starbucks and Jinkx Monsoon

After a quick couple days driving up the West Coast, we arrived in Seattle. We spent the night in North Seattle before heading into the city the next morning. We took the train into Westlake early-ish and walked to Pike Place Market.

We walked through the market and saw the OG Starbucks. The line was about an hour long, so I decided against going in.


We almost bought a $3 banh mi from a cafe, but they were going to give us the veggie sandwich by removing the ham. I don’t understand how anyone could think that’s acceptable. I walked up to the counter and asked for a veggie sandwich. The woman behind the counter said that she would have to remove the ham from one of the display case sandwiches. I gave the most repulsed face, backed away, and said “Never mind.” Have any other vegetarians had this kind of ridiculous interaction from someone who just doesn’t understand?


Next up was the Patagonia store where we briefly looked around before asking for the complimentary stickers.

Greg had to visit the Seattle doughnut place that was blessed with Alton Brown’s approval. It was called the Daily Dozen at one of the counters in Pike Place, and it smelled like a county fair. The tiny doughnuts were very fresh, but even more so overpriced. Six mini-doughnuts set one back $4+. This might not seem like a lot, but most of the popular doughnut shops we visited were $1.50 at most per regular-sized pastry. Those six tiny ones made up barely 1.5 regular doughnuts.

After that hint of food, we had to recognize our hunger. We found a highly-regarded pho place and ordered a pho and a banh mi. Just as I feared, the pho was terrible. I’ve found this trend at popular pho restaurants: meat-eaters love it and have a great pho-king time, but vegetarians are left with uninspired, flavorless food.

Though we were left unsatisfied, we decided to go for a walk through Olympic Sculpture Park. We took it in, then went on our way to our KEXP tour.


Before this trip, I had never heard of KEXP before, but Greg informed me that they are listener-powered and play some good music. We listened to the station while we were in the Seattle area, and I did hear a few bangers – “Me and Michael” by MGMT and “She’s Losing It” by Belle and Sebastian.

Well, Greg had eagerly booked the 2pm studio tour. The building was really cool with an aesthetic coffee shop and a record store inside the warehouse-style building. We got to see the rooms where they record the shows, shoot the YouTube live music videos, and store the thousands of CDs and records they receive. It wasn’t the most intriguing tour for someone who has no prior knowledge or investment, but I guess it was a pretty cool experience.


While waiting for the tour, I got to read the local hipster paper that had an article written by the one and only Jinkx Monsoon. It was very informative and educational to read about Jinkx’s thoughts on gender fluidity and RuPaul’s trans-exclusionary language.

We were on the hunt for local coffee after this, and we landed on Caffe Vita for an overpriced, plain-tasting cold brew.

Before we headed “home” for the night, we took the Capitol Hill stop to explore a little. It had less of a big-city feel, and I enjoyed seeing all of the remnants of pride. We got to see the library in the urgent search for the bathroom where Greg made the connection that the similarity between libraries and bookstores is that they both have a lot of books.

At last, we took the train back to the University District. We were deciding on how to handle dinner. We had spent a lot of money that day, so we wanted to keep dinner low-budget. The vegetarian-friendly restaurants were going to set us back more than $20. We came up with the idea of going to the grocery store and making dinner.

When we were in need of a large, cheap dinner, our go-to was whole-wheat pasta with vodka sauce and either veggie sausage or tofu. Greg cooked while I searched for a way to watch the Drag Race finale.

Though I loved all the queens, I was secretly #TeamAsia. I was disappointed with her lip-sync mishap, and I think she would have had a better shot if there had been a top three with one chosen without a challenge.

Greg and I went out for some late-night ice cream at Molly Moon’s. I had to sigh as I wrote that. The place seemed to exist solely for the aesthetic. It was another one of those loud music places. The ice cream was actually really good, but the cost of three scoops and two stickers was somehow $15 *cringe*. The flavors of my triple-scoop were yeti, stumptown coffee, and a seasonal that probably involved cake batter.

We slept for the night before getting packed up and hitting the car the following morning.

Seattle was #cool.

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