Caturday | Penelope

More commonly known as Penny, she came into our lives at the same time as Morgan. They’re about the same age, but I think of Penny as younger because she’s been the size of a kitten since we adopted her.

In the shelter, she would scream from her cage at anyone in the room. She has two sisters, but she dominated the room.


It was evident early on that she would need a special hand, so I was pushing for us to adopt her when I pulled at my mother’s heart strings and got her to agree to adopt TWO!

Morgan and Penelope came into our lives and stayed in a room by themselves while we dewormed them and got them acclimated. They so badly wanted out of that room.


They stayed close for a couple years, often found cuddling together. These days, it’s mostly play fighting since they’ve developed very different personalities.


Penny will only let us touch her with a single outstretched hand. Two hands = run away. She is the least affectionate cat I’ve had the pleasure of living with, but I’m happy to love her the way she wants to be loved.

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