Friday Favorites | Spotify

I’m popping in to talk about how much I love Spotify. This is entirely my opinion, but hey, Spotty, if you’re into it, I’ll be happy to take compensation.

I’ve been a premium subscriber for over four years, and I haven’t looked back.

I can’t imagine going back to the system of “paying for each individual song.” Curating my music collection was far more difficult then. Now, it’s all in one easy account where I could create playlists that don’t weigh down the storage on my phone. Also, how did I ever carry around an iPod? Did I not also have a phone with me?

The selection seems unlimited. I think there have only ever been two or three songs that I could find through Spotify. And they were all Christmas songs.

A feature I only started using a year ago is the queue. I love getting to the gym and quickly making a one-time playlist of whatever I’m in the mood for, simply by swiping right on a song. My mood changes on the daily, and the queue allows my music to reflect that.

The end-of-year round-ups are always amazing. It’s so cool to see how many minutes of music I listened to in a year and which artists I favored during each season.

I’ve tried Google Play Music, but it didn’t have the same easy-to-use features. Playlists were harder to make, and the queue was nearly impossible.

Anyway, I love Spotify.

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