Redwood National Park | Rocky Coasts and Tall Trees

After getting a late start leaving Oakland, we began the long trek to the Redwoods. We intended to hit up the coastal National Park section of the parks and got there at around dinner time.


We rushed to buy our souvenir magnets, then hit up the beach briefly. It was cool and breezy, but the sand was warm. There was a group of young pretentious people who biked there, presumably from their private boarding school. (I overheard one of them talk about possibly going to Stanford like it was his decision.)

He’s 6’2″ for reference

Once we were finished on the beach, we looked for a short trail to walk upon to view some of the famously tall trees. We decided on the short Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail. It was short and casual; I got to wear birks for it!


We used to booklet guide to learn about the science and history of the trees. There are so few of them left,  it’s amazing to think of what this country would look like if we didn’t “settle” it.red6

We were hungry at this point after a day on the road, so we made some fake chick’n wraps with cholula and shredded cheese that we paired with our final coconut La Croix. We ate this in total solitude while looking at Red Creek Overlook.


This was about all we had time for, so we hit the road, making some quick stops along the way. We took pictures with the giant Paul Bunyan and Babe at Trees of Mystery, then saw some breathtaking coastal views on our way to our “campsite” (or parking spot) near Crescent City.


This was definitely one of our quicker park stops, but it was very worth it. This is a place to which I can see myself returning.

I’m a sucker for a good rocky coastline.

Redwood was my 17th National Park. 

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