Happy Caturday, Morgan!

Morgan is a very special girly. I had coerced my mother into adopting two kittens when the shelter at which I volunteered was overwhelmed with summer babies. I already knew who the other cat was, but I decided the second one should be one of the many black cats who were harder to adopt out.

Watching her soaps

I went to the cage of a family of black kittens known as the “Jackson 5” and said, “I’ll take any girl kitty.” That was pretty much the luckiest moment of my life because we ended up with Morgan.

By the luck of the draw, I got the cat with the biggest personality ever.


Morgan is the most vocal cat I’ve ever met. She screams when she sees bags of cheese or coconut.

She jumps on my lap while I’m on the toilet and loves strangers who come to visit.

Morgan has one eye that’s always watery and rubs against our legs and parks herself there until she gets sufficient attention.

She’s all black except for about five single white hairs on her chest.

She is perfect, and I love her.


***Her beauty is difficult to capture.

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