Zion National Park: Big because it’s small?

After my skydiving experience, we headed into Zion National Park. There were a ton of signs saying “Zion parking full, park in town.” This warning didn’t deter me because ALL of the “town” parking was over $15 for the day, and one still needed to take the shuttle from there. We took our chances and found a spot in the Visitor’s Center lot.


The park did seem pretty packed, but it seemed as if the biggest issue was that there was nowhere to park. The space could fit the people, but not their cars.

We didn’t really know what to do or where to go because we were there so much later in the day. We decided to choose between Angel’s Landing and the Narrows and unanimously chose the Narrows. It was a hottttt day, and I would have much rather spent it in water rather than the hot sun.


All signs said that wearing sandals or water shoes was a bad idea, but I also noticed that many tourists had been ripped off into renting both a wooden hiking pole and giant waterproof shoes. Let me just say that they were having just as much trouble as we were in the absence of a pole and the presence of Chacos.


There was no plan about how far we’d go, only the idea that we wanted to get some exercise in and enjoy this unique hiking-through-water experience. It seemed as though we had gone very far, but the place was still packed with people. Knowing we’d have to repeat the whole hike once we turned around, we made that decision cautiously.


Surprisingly, walking with the current helped us go so much faster. I didn’t think it would make a difference because it was still walking through water, but it really did aid in our return. In no time, we were out of the water, talking to other tourists about the hungry squirrels (PLEASE don’t feed wildlife, and don’t tease them either).


We took the shuttle back to the parking lot, and cooled down the terribly hot car. We felt so lucky to have an Airbnb that night, and we made haste in getting back to the shower and cat zone.


Our time in Zion was brief, but I felt lucky that we still got an actual experience out of a very busy time of the year.


Zion was my 15th National Park.

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