Friday Favorites | Reality Shows

The first time I saw a reality show, I was very confused (“Growing Up Gotti” circa 2004). It was so unlike the TV I usually watched (Mary-Kate and Ashley). It rubbed my child-self the wrong way.

Flash forward to when I stopped making fun of Jersey Shore and actually watched it: I loved it.

Trust: I’ve seen reality shows that I don’t want to watch all the time – Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Teen Mom.

There are so many others that I completely geek over.

  • Drag Race

This goes without saying. I don’t watch any other competition shows; I really couldn’t stand the Bachelorx. This is different; this is a social movement; this show is political without trying. And it’s entertaining as &@$#. Forever in love.

  • Jersey Shore

Oh, I was so obsessed in tenth grade, but now it’s back! I just happened to turn on a TV and there it was! A new season already! Burgers for the boys 5ever.


I remember watching the first episodes of this show. I’ve gone through phases of opinions on the Kardashians, but right now, I can’t help but watch. Their lives are unfathomable to me, so getting a peek is enthralling.

  • Breaking Pointe

This is an old CW two-season show that chronicled a season at a Salt Lake City ballet company. It’s not a subject I’m familiar with, but it was very interesting. I highly recommend if you could figure out how to watch it!

  • The Only Way is Essex

My mother found this gem on Hulu and hasn’t looked back. I’ve accidentally caught most episodes, and it really is entertaining. Think: the Hills but in the UK.

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