Denver: Not the Only Mile-High City

We spent two nights near Denver while visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. On our way out of the area, we had to stop at the Colorado State Capitol and a doughnut place Greg had been eyeing up.

We were disappointed to learn that this Capitol is closed on the weekends. We did a lap around it, taking in the beauty of the architecture.


After, Greg decided he wanted to try Habit Doughnut Dispensary, so we plugged it into the GPS. Along the way, we found the flagship REI store and had to give it a visit.

I walked into my first ever REI store, finding everything so cute! There was climbing equipment to my right, then bear canisters and Yeti coolers, then tents being tried out to the left. There was so much to take in!

We spent some time there, making the wise decision not to buy anything else and asked for some free stickers (this is a big theme of the trip).


Next came the big finale for Greg: Habit Doughnut Dispensary. On a cool, downtown side street, we found the shop with all sorts of unusual, but great-sounding flavors of doughnut. We grabbed a few to eat on the way out of town. The one that I chose (some sort of berry concoction) was actually really good, considering I’m not much of a doughnut person.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to the Patagonia store that was closed until 11 on weekends. We had places to be and National Parks to see!

I didn’t see much of Denver, but I’m completely content with the little I saw. This road trip has taught me that it’s impossible to see everything anyway.

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