Caturday Feature | Cady

Cady is short for Cato; she was brought into the family from an animal shelter in the summer of 2012; she is my baby.

I don’t play favorites, but Cady does. I have been her favorite since we got her 6 years ago. She used to sit on my APUSH textbook on my lap. From the very beginning, she consistently fell asleep on me.

For the longest time, she favored me, but was still okay with a petting from my mother or a guest. Since I went away to college, she refuses to be touched by anyone but me. When I’m not home, she will allow my mother to pet her with her arm fully extended, but that’s it. As soon as I get home and she smells me, she’s in my arms.

Though she doesn’t have particularly violent bouts with her sisters, Cady doesn’t have a really good cat friend in the house.

She hangs out at the tippy top of the cat tree and the top of the staircase when she’s not right next to me.

This calico girl has an attitude and is known to wake me up in the middle of the night meowing at me to give her attention. Her favorite snack is eating hair off of the floor.

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