Friday Favorites | Starbucks Drinks

I frequent a good Starbucks just like every other millennial. However, I’m totally against spending so much money on sugary drinks. For Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Halloween, Friday the 13th – I always ask for Starbucks gift cards.

Gift cards from anywhere else would only encourage me to buy useless stuff I didn’t know I wanted before. This, along with the fact that the closest Starbs is 25 minutes away, has allowed me to rack up a lot of gift card $$$. Being a gold card holder, I get those nice rewards, too, so I’ve acquired a taste for those caloric beverages.

My favorites include:

  • Shaken green tea
  • This classic is a staple among my orders. I get it lightly sweetened with two pumps, but it has such a nice, light, minty flavor.
    • Red velvet Frappuccino
  • My free drinks are always frappuccinos. I usually get something basic from the actual brick and mortar menu they have on the wall, but I recently ventured into the unofficial menu. The red velvet is the best one I’ve ever gotten; I’ll definitely be getting it again next time.
    • Caramel iced coffee
  • I’m not the biggest coffee person, but when I want something bitter and less sweet, I will get this with two pumps. Cold brew would probably be better, but I can’t tell the difference, and this is cheaper.
    • Refreshers
  • Any flavor; whenever I need something different or more flavorful, I will get a refresher. I loved the very berry refresher.
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