Idaho: Famous Potatoes

On our glorious first day heading back east, we drove through eastern Washington and most of Idaho. Our original plan for the longer trip was to go through the skinny part of northern Idaho to Montana, but that’s going to be it’s own trip in the future. The new route would take us through southern Idaho, dipping into Utah.

Our only planned stop for the Day was Boise, the capital. We arrived too late to enter the Capitol, but we got some nice views of the outside and gardens.


The thing we were most excited about was eating at Boise Fry Company. We planned to get two local kinds of potato to get the full “Idaho potato” experience. Greg and I split a veggie burger and two large fries because that’s obviously what we came for.


Once the food was done, we were suddenly overwhelmed with the choices of salts and dipping sauces. I had to try every single one. My favorites were the mustard creation and the garlic aioli. I was disappointed in the blueberry ketchup, and I wish I could have tried the rosemary salt mix.

The fries were really good, and my mouth was literally sore the next day from chewing so many. We hadn’t been eating a lot of food, and this was our first big meal.

Afterward, I was too full to have the ice cream I had been excited for, so we took some photos of the Capitol and headed back to the car. The tiny part of Boise we saw was very walkable.

We still had a bit of a drive to where we’d camp for the night in Bruneau. I had heard of Bruneau from the last minute trip video, so I was excited to see it for myself. The small BLM area we slept in was beautiful, with a small canyon and a body of water.

We intended on sleeping in the tent and spreading out for the night, but the second we stepped out of the car, we heard the buzzing of a swarm of flies. We did not want to deal with that.

We fell asleep in the car to a beautiful sunset.


The next morning, we headed out to scope out the Bruneau dunes before visiting our friend in Logan, UT.

We didn’t have a lot of time and didn’t really want to pay to see the dunes up close, so we looked from afar. In a short while, we were in Utah and had already made decent progress in our journey Eastward.

Idaho was cute and gets like zero recognition. It’s worth it to take time to research and explore lesser known areas.

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