Caturday Feature | Cleopatra

She’s a woman of many names:

  • Cle
  • Cle cle
  • Cleo
  • Clinton
  • Jessica McClintock

We do it with all of them, but Cle’s name is particularly easy to pun.


Cle came into our lives from a home where she was neglected. She entered our home and took over completely. Now, even with seven cats, she is the ruler, a bully at times.

Cle and Mimi have had an ongoing feud that kept Mimi upstairs for quite a while. They’re less afraid of each other, but they do face off on the daily.

If Cle feels threatened in the slightest or like someone else is getting more attention, she tends to throw more than shade. She’s known to slap a girl as she walks by. I saw her bite Saffy’s bum earlier today.

She’s a bad girly

Cle is a big girl with paws to match. She’s polydactyl on all four paws. Her extra front toes are so big they look like baseball mitts. More toes beans to love!

Despite her hatred for other animals, she loves us humans. We’ve had her since April 7th, 2012, though she’s 1.5-2 years older than that.

After having her for only a few months, she escaped without anyone knowing. A million lost cat posters later, she showed up on the back porch in the middle of the night and wore a bell for a few years. There is no reason to let domestic cats outdoors; it’s not safe for them.

She’s pretty vocal and would like to say “meow” to you all.


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