The Road Less Traveled By at the Grand Canyon North Rim

In order to break up the long drive from Utah to southern Arizona, we planned a stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was excited because I’ve seen the South Rim and had heard better things about the North end of the park.

Only 10% of the Grand Canyon’s visitors go to the North Rim, so we felt special.


On the road into the park, we saw two large groups of buffalo. There had to be hundreds of them j chilling in the meadow. It was so cute, and I think it was my first ever buffalo sighting.

I had heard that the North Rim was prettier than the south, so I looked forward to getting my first glimpse.


We went straight past the VC to the actual Rim of the canyon. We did the little hike to Bright Angel Point and wonderful views along the way. It was a lot more colorful and lovely compared to the South Rim.

It also just seemed like a milder climate than the South Rim.


Because we were trying to make it a quick stop, we decided on one other attraction: Point Imperial, the highest point in the North Rim at 8,803 feet in elevation. It seems odd that you’re at such a high elevation while looking into a Canyon.


Point Imperial had some nice wind while we enjoyed our fake meat sandwiches and ice-cold La Croix.


We took in the sweeping views of the Canyon and the desert beyond.

We left the park feeling content that we had seen something that typical park visitors don’t get to see. Sometimes it’s worth going out of the way for the cooler view and fewer tourists.


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