Caturday: My name is Mimi, what’s yours?

Mimi was adopted in early 2007 from a different coworker of my mother. She was a kitten from a litter of stray kitties. Mimi had a twin brother who was deemed more valuable than her, but we treasured Mimi more than anyone could have.


She was named after the character from Rent, a show I was very into at the time.

Mimi has gone through some periods of anxiety and couldn’t even come downstairs for a period of time. She has a running feud with Cleo, but has gotten braver over the last couple years.


Mimi loves a good piece of cheese and tries to fit in boxes of all shapes and sizes. Her back fur often gets matted, so she commonly has a trimmed back.

When not hanging out with the family in the living room, Mimi likes to chill upstairs with her pal, Penny.

Though Mimi has a typical tuxedo appearance, her white face stripe makes her remarkable.


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