New Caturday Series! Meet Saffy!

In an effort to produce more content that I am passionate about, I decided to start a new Caturday series, centered on one of my greatest loves: my cats!

Today, I will be introducing you to my eldest girly: Saffy. She was named after Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous, a comedy I grew up with.

Resting cute face

She was the runt from a stray’s litter in 2006. We adopted her from one of my mother’s coworkers. We were so happy to bring her home, but that was from a less digitally-available time, so we have no photos of her as a kitten (but really she’s still a kitten).

Saffy can be found hanging out on the kitchen counter, begging passers-by for the sink to be turned on, so she could drink directly from the tap.


This little grey girl enjoys kneading blankets with a bit in her mouth and taking long naps in shrimp position.

Though she’s not much of a cuddler, she does enjoy a good sound petting when she decides it’s time.


One unusual trait about Saffy is that she refuses to go upstairs. Everyone else moves freely, but Saffy stays on the first floor.

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