Friday Favorites: Netflix Originals

I’m a big fan of those more widely-recognized shows like Stranger Things, but there are so many Netflix Originals that seem to get no love.

One of my favorite shows of all time is Bojack Horseman. Those who know it, know it well. Everyone else has never heard of it. It is the realest show I’ve ever seen, and so many storylines hit home hard. This show has my highest recommendation.

There are so many Netflix Original movies that I only hear of when I go on a deep search. Yesterday, I discovered two new horror movies that came out this year that had very little promotion, if any.

Those two movies were “Open House” and “The Ritual.” Both were pretty creepy and equally disturbing. While these aren’t exactly favorites, it’s amazing that all of these movies are at my fingertips!

I’m an OG Netflix subscriber. I’ve had the streaming service since it was only like a dollar with a DVD subscription.

Any time that I’m looking for something to watch, those Netflix Originals come in clutch with variety.

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