Friday Favorites: La Croix!

I’ve seen La Croix all over the place, but I rolled it off as a trendy fad (is that redundant?). I’ve never been a fan of seltzer, so I didn’t even consider giving it a try.

On my recent road trip, I decided to pack a few berry La Croix as a treat. Well, they went very quickly, and we decided to give the coconut ones a try. Both Greg and I fell in love with them.

Almost every flavor I’ve had since I haven’t liked, but those two OGs really hit the spot.

When I got home from the road trip, I tried passionfruit and mango and didn’t really care for either of them. Then I made the mistake of buying three cases of the “cúrate” flavors. I hate cantaloupe and grapefruit, but I bought a whole thing of that one. The apple cranberry isn’t bad because it reminds me of a cheap Fall seltzer from Stop & Shop, but the kiwi watermelon is pretty good.

After these million cans are finished, I’m probably going back to old faithful: coconut.

I feel silly for having judged something I never tried, but it’s not the first time.

Things I’ve recently judged that I ended up loving:

  • Color block leggings
  • Outdoor Voices
  • YouTube vloggers
  • Mobile banking apps
  • Taco Bell hot sauce
  • What’s your go-to La Croix flavor?
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